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Asus Dummy UI -
TP-Link Emulators -
Draytek Live Demo -

Sky Q Hub
Sky Broadband, MER or DHCP option 61
ISP Review 2018 Update – VDSL Router Choices for UK FTTC Fibre Broadband ISPs

Amazon £111.99

TP-LINK Archer VR900 V2
Currys £119.99 (Oct 2019)

TP-Link AC1600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router (Archer VR600)
Argos £99.99 (03/11/2019)

TP-LINK Archer VR400 WiFi Modem Router - AC 1200, Dual-band
£62.99 Save £7.00 Was £69.99 (from 17/07/2019 to 24/09/2019)

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