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Arcade Sticks / Fight Sticks


Pic Name Cost Compatibility Lever Buttons Notes
Razer Panthera Evo Arcade Stick £79.99 from Razer website PS4, PC “Steam plug and play” Sanwa Razer mechanical Price originally £159.99 reduced to £79.99 Razer site
Razer Atrox Xbox One £89.99 from Razer website Xbox One Sanwa Sanwa Original cost £179.99 reduced to £89.99 on Razer website Razer site
Razer Panthera Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Edition reduced to £105.99 but out of stock PS4 Sanwa Sanwa On sale on Razer website but out of stock, probably out of production Razer site
DRAGON SLAY Universal Arcade Fight Stick Controller £116.99 on ebay “Universal” Sanwa Denshi Sanwa Denshi One customer-returned unit left on ebay at £79.99 (29/04/2020), Available from GAME GAME site
GameSir C2 Arcade Fightstick
LeEco LeGFS-201 Hard to find info on this
NEOGEO Arcade Stick Pro Can be used on PC, components can be modded
Pic Name Cost Compatibility Lever Buttons Notes
Venom Arcade Fight Stick £59.99 new, used £29.99 from Venom on Amazon “Multi-format” PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC) generic? generic Advertised as fully compatible with Sanwa Denshi stick and buttons, Venom site Amazon
MAYFLASH Arcade Stick F500 Elite PS4/PS3/Xbox One/Xbox 360/Nintendo Switch/Android/PC Windows/Neogeo mini Sanwa Sanwa Amazon
Mayflash Arcade Stick F500 V2
Mayflash F300 Elite Amazon
Mayflash F300 Mayflash site
Mayflash Arcade Fighting Stick V2 MF002 XBOX360/PS3/PC Mayflash generic Mayflash generic Mayflash site, Amazon, Shoryuken
Mayflash F101 Amazon
Mayflash F100 Mayflash site, the F100 and F101 look to be the same maybe?
Mayflash Universal Arcade Stick PC, PS2 (has PS2 connector) generic generic membrane buttons Amazon, AVOID unless prepared for major modding, sometimes shows up as a non-brand controller
Pic Name Cost Compatibility Lever Buttons Notes
Honcam Arcade Fighting Stick Honcam site
Looks to be using same case design as Lioncast arcade stick
MRA Arcade Stick - Mars Gaming
Hori Real Arcade Pro One v.5 (Xbox One) £100.94 from Amazon Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows Amazon, Hori site, Pricespy
HORI Real Arcad Pro - Soul Calibur VI Edition for Xbox One £103.60 from Amazon Xbox One and Xbox 360 (probably PC too?) Noir layout Amazon, Hori site
HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai Tekken 7 Edition Fight Stick for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 Officially Licensed by Sony - PlayStation 4 PS4, PS3
HORI Real Arcade Pro Hayabusa Tekken 7 Edition Fight Stick for Xbox One Xbox One, Xbox 360 white featuring Tekken 7 female character artwork
Hori Fighting Stick VX Xbox 360 generic generic Also came in a PS3 variant, Fighting Stick V3, may have mounting holes for a Sanwa JLF. Buttons may be easily swappable
MAD CATZ Major League Gaming - Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition No longer on sale Xbox 360? Sanwa Denshi Sanwa Denshi Same shape casing used on Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition fight sticks
Omni Arcade Stick -Sanwa Edition- Etokki site


Suggested switches

Seimitsu LS-33 a drop in replacement for ex2?

conversion of the wifi tekken 5 stick into a mushimesama themed stick using a seimitsu ls-33 and seimitsu clear buttons with custom art.


Parts Lists

Hori EX2 Repair

  • Buttons microswitches Sanwa SW-68 Microswitch With 2.8mm Terminals
  • button wires Single 1 Metre Long Insulated 2.8mm Crimped Wire, at least 12x for the 6 buttons
  • Lever Seimitsu LS-55
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